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University of Texas at Tyler

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The motto of the University of Texas at Tyler is "Wisdom. Integrity. Excellence."

Vision and Mission

The University of Texas at Tyler aims to provide high-quality education, foster academic excellence, promote research and innovation, and prepare students to thrive in a competitive global society.

The university's mission is to engage and empower students, faculty, and staff to become creative problem solvers, critical thinkers, and ethical leaders in a diverse and rapidly changing world.


The current Chancellor of the University of Texas System is James B. Milliken.


The University of Texas at Tyler was established in 1971 as a component of the renowned University of Texas System. It started as Tyler State College and obtained its university status in 1979. Since then, it has grown into a prestigious institution known for its academic excellence.

Current Progress

The University of Texas at Tyler continues to expand and improve its facilities, programs, and services to meet the evolving needs of its students and the community. It has achieved significant milestones in areas such as research, community engagement, and student success.

Courses Offered

The University of Texas at Tyler offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs across various disciplines. Some of the popular courses include:

  • Business Administration
  • Computer Science
  • Nursing
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Psychology
  • Health Sciences

These programs are designed to provide students with a strong foundation of knowledge and practical skills for their respective fields.


The tuition and fees at the University of Texas at Tyler vary depending on the program and residency status. It is recommended to visit the official website ( or contact the university's admission office for detailed and up-to-date information regarding the costs.


The University of Texas at Tyler offers various scholarships to support its students in their academic pursuits. These scholarships include academic merit scholarships, need-based scholarships, talent-based scholarships, and more. Eligibility criteria, application procedures, and deadlines may vary for each scholarship. It is advisable to explore the official university website ( to access comprehensive information about the available scholarships and how to apply for them.

Teachers and Student Information

The University of Texas at Tyler prides itself on having highly qualified and dedicated faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. They are committed to providing a supportive and engaging learning environment for students.

As for student information, the university values the diverse backgrounds and experiences that students bring to the campus community. It encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities, clubs, and organizations to enhance their personal growth and build strong relationships with fellow students.

Location and Contact

The University of Texas at Tyler is located at:

3900 University Blvd,
Tyler, TX 75799,
United States

For more information, you can visit the official website:

You can also contact the university at:

Important Information

Here are some additional important details about the University of Texas at Tyler:

  • Accreditation: The university is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).
  • Student Enrollment: The current student enrollment at the University of Texas at Tyler is approximately [insert current student enrollment number].
  • Campus Facilities: The university campus features state-of-the-art facilities, including modern classrooms, research laboratories, libraries, recreational centers, and student housing.