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The University of Calicut, located in the beautiful state of Kerala, India, is a renowned institution of higher education. With a vision to provide quality education, the university aims to nurture students and faculty members to become leaders in their respective fields.


The motto of the University of Calicut is "Nurturing Excellence in Education and Research."


The vision of the university is to provide inclusive, holistic education that fosters intellectual growth, cultural understanding, and social responsibility among its students.


The mission of the University of Calicut is to create a stimulating academic environment that encourages critical thinking, creativity, and innovation. The university aims to contribute to the development of society through educational programs, research, and outreach initiatives.


The current Chancellor of the University of Calicut is [Name of Chancellor]. As the ceremonial head of the university, the Chancellor plays a crucial role in promoting the institution's goals and values.


The University of Calicut was established in 1968, making it one of the oldest universities in Kerala. Initially, the university started with just 229 students across four departments. Over the years, it has expanded to offer a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs.

Current Progress

The University of Calicut has made significant progress in various academic and research domains. It has grown to become a multidisciplinary institution with numerous affiliated colleges, centers, and departments. The university continuously strives to enhance academic standards, promote innovative teaching methodologies, and encourage collaborative research.

Courses Offered and Costs

The University of Calicut offers a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in fields such as arts, sciences, commerce, technology, and management. The costs for these programs may vary depending on the course and the category of the student (general, reserved, etc.). For detailed information about the courses offered and their associated costs, please refer to the official website of the university.

Scholarships Offered

The University of Calicut provides various scholarships to deserving students to support their education. These scholarships aim to encourage meritorious students and those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Students can apply for scholarships through the dedicated scholarship section on the university's website.

Teachers and Student Information

The University of Calicut takes pride in its exceptional faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. The professors are dedicated to providing quality education and mentorship to students. The university also offers a range of student support services, including counseling, career guidance, and extracurricular activities, to ensure holistic development.

Location and Contact Address

The University of Calicut is situated in Thenhipalam, approximately 24 kilometers from Calicut city. The contact address of the university is:

University of Calicut
Thenhipalam, Kerala
India – 673635
Phone: [Phone Number]
Email: [Email Address]

Important Information

  • The university website:
  • The University of Calicut strives for excellence in education and research.
  • For admission-related queries, course details, and other information, please refer to the official website or contact the university directly.