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Université de La Rochelle

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Université de La Rochelle, located in the beautiful city of La Rochelle, France, is a distinguished higher education institution renowned for its academic excellence, expansive course offerings, and vibrant campus life. With a motto of "Scientia Creatio Libertas" (Knowledge Creation Freedom), this dynamic university emphasizes innovation, research, and intellectual freedom.

Vision and Mission

The vision of Université de La Rochelle is to be a globally recognized institution committed to fostering creativity, critical thinking, and holistic development among its students. With a mission to provide high-quality education and contribute to sustainable development, the university aims to nurture well-rounded individuals equipped with the skills and knowledge to address local and global challenges.


The university is led by its esteemed Chancellor, who is responsible for overseeing the academic, administrative, and strategic affairs of the institution. Please refer to the official website for the current Chancellor's information.

History and Current Progress

Founded in 1993, Université de La Rochelle has rapidly grown into a prestigious institution renowned for its academic and research contributions. With a commitment to fostering a multidisciplinary learning environment, the university has expanded its course offerings and research programs, attracting talented students and renowned faculty members from around the world.

List of Courses Offered and Costs

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Master's Programs:

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List of Scholarships Offered

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Teachers and Student Information

The dedicated and knowledgeable faculty members at Université de La Rochelle bring diverse expertise and experience to the institution. They are committed to providing comprehensive guidance and facilitating a conducive learning atmosphere for students, imparting both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Students at Université de La Rochelle benefit from a rich campus life, engaging in various extracurricular activities, student organizations, and cultural events. The university strives to foster a supportive community that encourages students to explore their interests, develop leadership skills, and build lifelong connections.

Location and Contact Information

Université de La Rochelle is located in the picturesque city of La Rochelle, France. Situated on the country's western coast, the city offers a vibrant blend of historical charm and modern amenities. Students can explore the nearby beaches, enjoy water sports, and experience the local culture.

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