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Universidad Nacional Hermilio Valdizan

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About Universidad Nacional Hermilio Valdizan

Universidad Nacional Hermilio Valdizan (UNHEVAL) is a renowned educational institution located in Peru. It is committed to providing quality education and promoting academic excellence since its establishment. UNHEVAL stands out for its motto, vision, mission, esteemed chancellor, rich history, current progress, diverse range of courses, affordable costs, and invaluable scholarship opportunities. Let's delve deeper into this institution and explore its offerings.

Motto, Vision, and Mission

UNHEVAL's motto is "Innovation, Knowledge, and Leadership". With a clear vision to become a leading institution nationally and internationally, it strives to promote educational, cultural, and scientific development. UNHEVAL's mission involves facilitating the integral development of individuals, generating knowledge through research, and fostering social responsibility.


The university is led by its esteemed Chancellor, who plays a vital role in shaping the institution's future and ensuring its continued success. For the most up-to-date information on the current Chancellor, please visit UNHEVAL's official website.

History and Current Progress

Established in [YEAR], UNHEVAL has a rich history of providing quality education to students from diverse backgrounds. Over the years, it has undergone significant advancements and expansions, transforming into a prestigious institution that contributes to the educational landscape of Peru. UNHEVAL continues to make remarkable progress, continuously enhancing its academic programs, infrastructure, and research pursuits.

Courses Offered and Costs

UNHEVAL offers a wide range of courses across various disciplines to cater to the diverse interests and career aspirations of its students. Some of the highlighted courses include:

  • Course 1
  • Course 2
  • Course 3
  • Course 4

For detailed information about the courses offered, including their curriculum, duration, and eligibility criteria, please refer to the official website of UNHEVAL.

As for the costs associated with pursuing education at UNHEVAL, the university strives to keep education affordable. The specific fee structure for each course can be obtained from the official website or by contacting the university directly.


UNHEVAL acknowledges the importance of accessible education, and to facilitate this, offers various scholarships to deserving students. These scholarships aim to recognize academic excellence, promote inclusivity, and support students in need. The range of scholarships available ensures that talented students from all backgrounds have an opportunity to excel academically and make valuable contributions to society. To explore the scholarships offered and their application process, please visit the official website or reach out to the university.

Teachers and Students

UNHEVAL boasts a highly qualified faculty known for their expertise and dedication to education. The professors at UNHEVAL are committed to nurturing students' intellectual growth, providing mentorship, and imparting practical skills to ensure their success in the professional world.

Students at UNHEVAL come from diverse backgrounds, creating a vibrant and inclusive learning environment. The university offers numerous academic and extracurricular activities to foster holistic development and encourage students to pursue their passions.

Location and Contact Information

UNHEVAL is located in [CITY], [COUNTRY]. For detailed directions and the exact address, please refer to the official website.

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Universidad Nacional Hermilio Valdizan is a prestigious institution committed to academic excellence, innovation, and fostering leadership qualities among its students. With a rich history, diverse courses, affordable costs, and valuable scholarship opportunities, it continues to make significant contributions to the educational landscape of Peru. UNHEVAL strives to provide quality education, develop well-rounded individuals, and generate knowledge through research. To learn more about UNHEVAL and explore the latest updates, visit its official website and embark on an educational journey that will shape your future.