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Universidad Nacional del Sur

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About Universidad Nacional del Sur

Universidad Nacional del Sur (UNS) is a prestigious university located in the beautiful city of Bahia Blanca, Argentina. With a rich history and a commitment to academic excellence, UNS has established itself as one of the leading higher education institutions in the country.


"Ciencia y Ética para el Desarrollo" (Science and Ethics for Development)


To be a renowned university committed to the generation and dissemination of knowledge, contributing to the comprehensive development of society.


UNS aims to provide high-quality education and research opportunities to students, nurturing their intellectual growth, critical thinking skills, and social responsibility. Through its diverse academic programs, UNS prepares professionals who contribute to the sustainable development of the region and the nation as a whole.


The current Chancellor of UNS is Dr. Daniel Vega. Under his leadership, the university has witnessed significant advancements in educational quality, research output, and community engagement.


UNS was founded on December 5, 1956, and its academic activities officially began on July 5, 1957. Since its establishment, the university has been committed to providing accessible and inclusive education to all segments of society.

Current Progress:

UNS prides itself on its constant pursuit of excellence in education, research, and innovation. The university continually updates its curriculum to meet the evolving needs of the job market and ensure its graduates are well-prepared for professional success.

Courses Offered and Costs:

UNS offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs across various disciplines. The courses are designed and taught by highly qualified faculty members who bring real-world expertise into the classroom.

For detailed information about the courses offered and their respective costs, please visit the official UNS website.

Scholarships Offered:

UNS is committed to providing financial assistance to deserving students. The university offers a variety of scholarships, including merit-based scholarships, need-based scholarships, and research grants. These scholarships aim to support students in their educational journey and promote equal access to quality higher education.

Teachers and Student Information:

UNS boasts a dedicated team of experienced professors who are passionate about teaching and research. They create a stimulating and supportive environment that encourages students to grow academically and personally. The university also values student participation and engagement, fostering a vibrant campus community.


Universidad Nacional del Sur is located at Av. Alem 1253, Bahia Blanca, Argentina. Its campus is spread across a spacious and scenic area, providing a conducive atmosphere for learning and collaboration.

Contact Information:

For any inquiries or further information about UNS, you can reach out to the university using the following contact details:

Join Universidad Nacional del Sur to embark on an educational journey that combines academic excellence, personal growth, and societal contribution.