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Tokyo College of Music

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Motto, Vision, and Mission

Tokyo College of Music's motto is "Art and Harmony." The college envisions promoting excellence in music education and becoming a leading institution in Japan and beyond. Its mission is to provide a nurturing and innovative environment for students to develop their musical talents, fostering creativity, academic knowledge, and global perspective.

Chancellor and History

Tokyo College of Music is led by Chancellor Hiroshi Miyata, a renowned musician and educational leader. Established in 1929, the college has a rich history of over 90 years, consistently producing talented performers, composers, and music educators. It has remained committed to providing high-quality education in the field of music.

Current Progress and Facilities

The college has made significant progress in recent years, expanding its facilities and enhancing its curriculum. It boasts state-of-the-art music studios, practice rooms, concert halls, and an extensive library. The college continuously upgrades its equipment to ensure students have access to the latest musical tools and technologies.

Courses Offered and Costs

Tokyo College of Music offers a diverse range of courses, catering to various musical disciplines. Students can pursue bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programs in fields such as classical music, jazz, composition, music education, and music therapy. The college strives to make education affordable, and tuition fees vary based on the program and year of study. For detailed information on costs, prospective students can visit the official college website:


To support students in achieving their musical aspirations, Tokyo College of Music offers various scholarships. These scholarships are designed to recognize academic excellence, financial need, or exceptional musical talent. The college encourages eligible students to apply for scholarships to alleviate their financial burdens. Detailed information regarding available scholarships can be obtained from the college's financial aid office.

Teachers and Student Information

The college boasts a distinguished faculty comprised of experienced musicians, composers, and music scholars. The teaching staff is dedicated to providing personalized attention and guidance to students, fostering their artistic growth and development. Tokyo College of Music takes pride in its diverse student body, attracting aspiring musicians from Japan and around the world. The college values inclusivity and cultural exchange, creating a vibrant learning environment.

Location and Contact Address

Tokyo College of Music is located in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. The college's address is as follows:

Tokyo College of Music

1-11-1, Fujimi

Chiyoda, Tokyo
ZIP Code: 102-8555


For inquiries, prospective students and parents can contact the college's admissions office:

Phone: +81-3-6666-8888

Email: [email protected]

Other Important Information

For additional information about admission requirements, application procedures, campus tours, and upcoming events, prospective students are encouraged to visit the official Tokyo College of Music website: