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Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology

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Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, commonly known as TIET, is a prestigious university located in Patiala, Punjab, India. With a rich history and a legacy of excellence, TIET has earned a strong reputation for providing high-quality education and producing skilled professionals in various fields of engineering and technology.

Motto, Vision, and Mission

The motto of Thapar Institute is "Empowering Excellence," which succinctly captures its commitment to nurturing talent, providing world-class education, and encouraging students to achieve their full potential. The institute's vision is to be a global center of excellence in engineering and technology education, fostering innovation, research, and entrepreneurship. Its mission is to provide transformative educational experiences and cultivate well-rounded individuals who can contribute to society positively.

Chancellor and History

Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology is proud to have Mr. Gautam Thapar as its Chancellor. Mr. Thapar is a renowned industrialist and a visionary leader who has played a crucial role in shaping the institute's direction and fostering its growth.

Established in 1956, TIET has a rich heritage and a strong foundation built over decades. Originally known as Thapar University, it was awarded the status of a Deemed-to-be-University in 1985 and renamed as Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology in 2007. With more than 60 years of history, the institute has consistently evolved to meet the changing needs of the industry and maintain its commitment to academic excellence.

Current Progress and Academic Programs

Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs across various disciplines, including Engineering, Technology, Management, and Sciences. The institute's curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of theoretical concepts and practical skills, ensuring that students are well-prepared for the challenges of the real world.

Some of the popular undergraduate programs offered by TIET include Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Computer Science, Civil, Mechanical, Electronics, and Electrical Engineering. The institute also offers Master of Technology (M.Tech) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs. In addition, several research opportunities are available for aspiring scholars through the institute's Ph.D. programs.

Tuition Fee and Financial Aid

Thapar Institute understands the importance of making education accessible to all deserving students. The detailed fee structure for each program can be found on the institute's official website The institute also provides various scholarships and financial aid options to meritorious and economically disadvantaged students.

The scholarship programs at Thapar Institute include the Dr. LM Thapar Scholarship, which aims to support deserving students with exemplary academic performance. Additionally, the institute offers various merit-cum-means scholarships to assist students in pursuing their education without financial constraints.

Faculty and Student Information

Thapar Institute takes pride in its dedicated and experienced faculty, who are experts in their respective fields. The professors not only focus on imparting knowledge but also mentor students, fostering a supportive and intellectually stimulating environment. The institute also invites industry experts for guest lectures and collaborations, thereby enriching the learning experience.

The student population at Thapar Institute is diverse and vibrant, representing different states of India and international communities. The institute encourages student participation in various clubs, societies, and extracurricular activities to promote holistic development and encourage a well-rounded educational experience.

Location and Contact Information

Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology is located in Patiala, Punjab, India. The picturesque campus provides a conducive environment for learning and personal growth. For detailed contact information and directions to the campus, please visit the following address:

Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology
P.O Box 32, Patiala, Punjab – 147004
Phone: +91-175-2393021

In conclusion, Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology stands as a prestigious institution for engineering and technology education, with a rich history, a commitment to excellence, and a vision to empower students to become future leaders. Through its comprehensive academic programs, dedicated faculty, vibrant student community, and supportive surroundings, TIET continues to positively impact the lives of countless individuals and contribute to the progress of the nation.