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About Thammasat University

Thammasat University, located in Thailand, is one of the leading educational institutions in the country. With a history spanning over 85 years, Thammasat University has established itself as a prestigious institution known for its academic excellence, cultural heritage, and social engagement.

Motto, Vision, and Mission

The motto of Thammasat University is "Wisdom, Values, and Courage for Society." The university aims to provide its students with the knowledge and skills to become socially responsible and globally competitive individuals. Thammasat University envisions itself as a transformative center of education, research, and innovation, contributing to the sustainable development of society.


The current Chancellor of Thammasat University is Professor Kesinee Withoonchart. With extensive experience in academia and leadership, Professor Kesinee is committed to advancing the university's mission and fostering an environment that promotes academic growth and student welfare.


Thammasat University was founded in 1934 and holds the distinction of being the second oldest university in Thailand. It initially started as the University of Moral and Political Sciences, established to promote democratic values and social progress in the country. Over the years, Thammasat University has grown both in size and reputation, evolving into a comprehensive university offering a wide range of academic programs.

Current Progress

Thammasat University continues to excel in various fields, including medicine, law, business, engineering, and social sciences. The university prides itself on its research output and collaboration with leading international institutions. With state-of-the-art facilities, dedicated faculty, and a vibrant student community, Thammasat University is committed to providing a holistic education experience that prepares students for future challenges.

Courses Offered

Thammasat University offers a diverse range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs across various disciplines. Some of the popular courses include business administration, political science, engineering, economics, computer science, and medicine. The university continuously updates its curriculum to align with industry demands and global trends, ensuring that graduates are well-equipped for their chosen careers.

Tuition and Costs

The tuition fees at Thammasat University vary depending on the program and level of study. It is highly recommended to visit the official website at for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding tuition and related costs.


Thammasat University offers a range of scholarships to support academically outstanding and deserving students. Scholarships are available based on various criteria, including academic achievements, financial need, and extracurricular involvement. Prospective students are encouraged to visit the university's website or contact the scholarship office for detailed information on available scholarships and the application process.

Faculty and Student Information

The faculty at Thammasat University is comprised of highly qualified professors, researchers, and industry professionals. With their expertise and dedication, they provide students with an enriching learning experience and mentorship opportunities.

Thammasat University values the holistic development of its students and encourages their participation in various extracurricular activities, clubs, and organizations. This allows students to explore their interests, enhance their leadership skills, and build a strong network of like-minded individuals.

Location and Contact Information

Thammasat University is situated in Bangkok, the vibrant capital city of Thailand. The university has multiple campuses, each offering a unique learning environment. Visitors, prospective students, or anyone seeking information can contact the university through the following address:

Thammasat University
99 Moo 18, Paholyothin Road
Klong Neung, Klong Luang
Pathum Thani 12120
Phone: +66 2 987 2000


Thammasat University stands as a pillar of education, fostering intellectual growth, and social responsibility. With its rich history, diverse academic programs, esteemed faculty, and commitment to progress, Thammasat University provides students with a transformative educational experience. Whether you aspire to become a future leader, an innovator, or a change-maker in society, Thammasat University is your pathway to success.