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Technische Universität Wien

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About Us

Technische Universität (TU) Wien, also known as the Vienna University of Technology, is a renowned educational institution situated in Vienna, Austria. As one of the country's leading universities, TU Wien has been providing high-quality education and research opportunities for over two centuries. With a diverse range of study programs and a focus on advanced technical knowledge, TU Wien has consistently demonstrated its commitment to shaping the future through innovation and academic excellence.

Motto, Vision, and Mission

The motto of TU Wien is "Technology for People." This reflects its dedication to applying scientific knowledge and technological advancements for the betterment of society. TU Wien aims to be a leading force in research and education, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and fostering an environment that stimulates creativity and critical thinking among its students and faculty.


The current Chancellor of Technische Universität Wien is Professor Sabine Seidler. With a distinguished academic career and expertise in civil engineering, Professor Seidler has been instrumental in driving the university's growth and development. Under her leadership, TU Wien has consolidated its position as a hub for cutting-edge research and innovation.


Technische Universität Wien has a rich history that dates back to its establishment in 1815. Initially founded as the "Imperial-Royal Polytechnic Institute," the university has played a crucial role in shaping Austria's scientific and engineering landscape. Over the years, TU Wien has consistently evolved, adapting to the changing needs of society while maintaining its commitment to excellence in education and research.

Current Progress and Programs

TU Wien offers a wide range of study programs across various disciplines, including engineering, natural sciences, architecture, and computer science. With a strong emphasis on practical training and hands-on experience, students at TU Wien gain valuable skills that help them excel in their chosen fields. The university's collaborations with industry partners provide students with opportunities for internships and real-world projects, further enhancing their learning experience.

List of Courses Offered and Costs

Technische Universität Wien offers an extensive selection of bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programs. These programs include Civil Engineering and Water Management, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Technical Mathematics, Architecture, Computer Science, and many more. Detailed information about each program, including admission requirements, can be found on the official TU Wien website. As for costs, tuition fees may vary depending on factors such as nationality and the academic program chosen. Prospective students are encouraged to visit the university's website or contact the admissions office for accurate and up-to-date information regarding fees.

List of Scholarships Offered

TU Wien is committed to supporting students in their educational journey, and numerous scholarships are available to help alleviate the financial burden. These scholarships cater to various categories, including merit-based scholarships, need-based scholarships, and international scholarships. The university provides detailed information about the scholarships on its official website, along with application procedures and eligibility criteria.

Teachers and Student Information

Technische Universität Wien prides itself on having a distinguished faculty comprising experienced professors, researchers, and industry experts. The university's faculty members are renowned for their research contributions and commitment to teaching excellence. TU Wien encourages fruitful interactions between students and faculty, fostering an atmosphere of intellectual stimulation and mentorship.

As for student information, TU Wien has a vibrant and diverse student community. Students from around the world come to study at TU Wien, contributing to a multicultural learning environment. The university provides various support services to students, including academic counseling, career guidance, and extracurricular activities.

Location and Contact Information

Technische Universität Wien is located in the heart of Vienna, Austria. The university's address is Karlsplatz 13, 1040 Vienna. For specific inquiries, potential students, parents, or other interested parties can contact the university's central information service via phone at +43 1 58801 or via email at [email protected]. Detailed contact information, including the addresses of various TU Wien departments and faculties, can be found on the official website.

Final Thoughts

Technische Universität Wien is a world-class institution known for its scientific achievements, commitment to technology, and academic excellence. With a rich history, strong vision, and a wide selection of programs, TU Wien continues to shape the future through research, innovation, and education. This esteemed university, located in Vienna, offers students a platform to develop their potential, gain valuable skills, and contribute to society through their respective fields of study.