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Tay Nguyen University

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Welcome to Tay Nguyen University, located in Vietnam and committed to providing high-quality education and research opportunities to students from diverse backgrounds. With a rich history, a motivated faculty, and a wide range of courses, scholarships, and student resources, we aim to shape individuals who will contribute positively to society.

Motto, Vision, and Mission

Our motto, "Knowledge and Virtue," reflects our belief in the power of education to transform lives and build character. Our vision is to become a nationally and internationally recognized university known for excellence in teaching, research, and community engagement. Our mission is to provide a dynamic learning environment that fosters critical thinking, creativity, and lifelong learning.


At Tay Nguyen University, we are privileged to have Professor Nguyen Van Khiet leading our institution. With extensive experience in academia and a strong commitment to educational development, Professor Khiet plays a pivotal role in shaping our university's strategic direction.

History and Current Progress

Tay Nguyen University was established in 1964 as a regional institution serving the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Over the years, we have grown into a comprehensive university offering a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields of study. Our commitment to academic excellence, innovation, and community engagement has helped us earn a reputation as one of Vietnam's leading universities.

In recent years, we have made significant progress in research, international collaborations, and infrastructure development. Our faculty members have been actively involved in cutting-edge research projects, contributing to advancements in various disciplines. We have also established partnerships with renowned universities and research institutions worldwide, fostering global academic exchanges and collaborations.

Courses Offered and Costs

Tay Nguyen University offers a diverse array of courses across multiple disciplines, including:

  • Business and Economics
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Social Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Humanities and Arts

For detailed information on specific courses, including admission requirements and tuition fees, please visit our official website.


We believe that financial barriers should not hinder students from accessing quality education. Therefore, Tay Nguyen University offers a range of scholarships to support talented and deserving students. Our scholarship programs include:

  • Merit-based Scholarships
  • Need-based Scholarships
  • International Scholarships
  • Research Scholarships

For detailed information about each scholarship program, eligibility criteria, and application process, please refer to the scholarships section on our official website.

Faculty and Student Information

At Tay Nguyen University, we take pride in our dedicated and experienced faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. They are committed to providing a supportive learning environment and engaging students in active learning and research.

Our diverse student body represents different regions, cultures, and backgrounds, fostering a vibrant and inclusive academic community. We believe in nurturing young minds and empowering them to become leaders and change-makers in their chosen fields.

Location and Contact Information

Tay Nguyen University is located in Buon Ma Thuot City, Dak Lak Province, in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Our address is:

Tay Nguyen University
101 Nguyen Phuc Chu St., EaTam Ward, Buon Ma Thuot City
Dak Lak Province, Vietnam

For any inquiries, you can reach us at:

For more detailed directions or additional contact information, please visit the contact page on our official website.


Tay Nguyen University is dedicated to providing a nurturing educational environment that empowers students to reach their full potential. With a strong focus on academic excellence, research, and community engagement, we strive to shape future leaders who will positively impact society.

Join us at Tay Nguyen University and embark on a transformative educational journey that will open doors to endless opportunities. Explore our programs, scholarships, and resources on our official website and take the first step towards a bright and successful future!