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State University of New York Empire State College

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State University of New York Empire State College, also known as SUNY Empire State College, is a renowned higher education institution located in the United States. Founded in 1971, it has been providing quality education to students from all walks of life for several decades. As an innovative university, Empire State College caters to the needs of non-traditional students who seek a flexible approach to education without sacrificing academic excellence.

Motto, Vision, and Mission

The motto of Empire State College is "Designed for You." This motto reflects the college's commitment to tailoring education to fit the individual needs and aspirations of each student. The college envisions becoming one of the leading institutions offering personalized learning, empowering students to achieve their academic and professional goals.

The mission of Empire State College is to provide flexible, accessible, and high-quality educational opportunities to adult learners, enabling them to earn their degrees while accommodating their personal and professional commitments.


The college is led by the esteemed chancellor, who currently is Jim Malatras. As the chief executive officer of Empire State College, Chancellor Malatras is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction and overall administration of the institution.


Founded in 1971, SUNY Empire State College is part of the State University of New York system. It was established with the aim of providing higher education opportunities for adults who were unable to attend traditional campus-based institutions. Throughout its history, Empire State College has been a pioneer in distance learning and innovative approaches to education, earning a reputation for its commitment to accessible and quality education.

Current Progress

Empire State College continues to make significant strides in the realm of higher education. With a focus on personalized learning, the college offers a wide range of accredited degree programs, including undergraduate and graduate programs, aimed at empowering students with relevant knowledge and skills for their chosen fields. It is dedicated to fostering a supportive learning environment that encourages students to thrive academically and personally.

List of Courses Offered

Empire State College offers a diverse selection of courses across various disciplines. Some of the programs available include Business Administration, Computer Science, Health Sciences, Psychology, Environmental Studies, Education, and many others. The college continually reviews and updates its curriculum to ensure its relevance and alignment with industry standards.

Tuition and Costs

The tuition and costs at Empire State College vary depending on the program and the student's residency status. It is advised to visit the official website at or contact the college directly for detailed and up-to-date information regarding tuition fees and any associated costs.

List of Scholarships

Empire State College offers several scholarships and financial aid opportunities to support students in achieving their educational goals. These scholarships are awarded based on various criteria, including academic performance, financial need, and specific areas of study. Prospective students are encouraged to explore the scholarship options available at Empire State College and apply for those they are eligible for.

Faculty and Student Information

At Empire State College, students have the privilege of learning from accomplished faculty members who possess both academic expertise and real-world experience. The dedicated faculty, along with the college's supportive staff, are committed to providing individual guidance and mentorship to help students succeed in their academic pursuits.

The college prides itself on its diverse student body, encompassing individuals from various backgrounds and regions. This diverse community fosters a rich and inclusive learning environment, encouraging students to share their perspectives and acquire a broader understanding of the world around them.

Location and Contact Information

State University of New York Empire State College has multiple locations throughout the state of New York. To find the nearest location or for any inquiries, you can reach out to them at the following address:

Empire State College
2 Union Ave
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
United States

For more information and to explore the wide range of programs and opportunities available at State University of New York Empire State College, please visit their official website: