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St. Petersburg State Conservatory

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Motto, Vision, and Mission

St. Petersburg State Conservatory, also known as the N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov Saint Petersburg State Conservatory, is one of the leading music education institutions in Russia.

Its motto "Ad fontes musicae" translates to "Back to the sources of music," emphasizing the importance of studying classical music traditions while embracing contemporary innovation.

The conservatory's vision is to nurture exceptional musical talent, cultivate artistic excellence, and foster a deep appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of music.

Its mission is to provide comprehensive education and training in music, preparing students to become accomplished musicians, composers, conductors, educators, and scholars.


The current chancellor of St. Petersburg State Conservatory is Dr. Sergei Roldugin, a renowned cellist and prominent figure in the music industry.


St. Petersburg State Conservatory was founded in 1862 by the Russian pianist and composer, Anton Rubinstein. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious music institutions in Russia.

Over the years, the conservatory has played a crucial role in shaping the classical music landscape, producing numerous notable alumni who have made significant contributions to the field.

With a strong emphasis on traditional Russian composers such as Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, and Shostakovich, the conservatory has upheld its reputation for excellence in music education.

Current Progress

St. Petersburg State Conservatory continues to excel in providing exceptional education and training to its students. It offers a diverse range of music programs with a focus on performance, composition, conducting, and musicology.

The conservatory maintains strong ties with renowned musicians, orchestras, and opera houses worldwide, providing students with incredible opportunities for collaboration and networking.

By embracing modern technologies and innovative teaching methods, the conservatory ensures that its students are prepared to meet the evolving demands of the music industry.

Courses Offered and Costs

St. Petersburg State Conservatory offers a wide array of courses catering to various musical disciplines. Some of the key programs include:

  • Bachelor of Music in Performance
  • Bachelor of Music in Composition
  • Bachelor of Music in Conducting
  • Bachelor of Music in Musicology
  • Master of Music in Performance
  • Master of Music in Composition
  • Master of Music in Conducting
  • Ph.D. in Musicology

For detailed information about the courses offered and the associated costs, please visit the official website of St. Petersburg State Conservatory.


St. Petersburg State Conservatory offers several scholarships to support talented students. These scholarships are awarded based on merit and financial need.

By providing financial assistance, the conservatory aims to ensure that deserving students have access to quality music education. The specific scholarship opportunities and application process can be found on the conservatory's website.

Teachers and Student Information

At St. Petersburg State Conservatory, students have the privilege of learning from highly experienced and accomplished faculty members. The teaching staff comprises renowned musicians, composers, conductors, and scholars.

The conservatory fosters a vibrant learning environment where students are encouraged to explore their creativity, hone their skills, and develop a deep understanding of music.

St. Petersburg State Conservatory takes pride in its diverse student body, attracting talented individuals from around the world. It offers a conducive atmosphere for collaboration and cultural exchange, enriching the student experience.

Location and Contact Information

St. Petersburg State Conservatory is located in the heart of the historic city of St. Petersburg, Russia.

Contact Address:

St. Petersburg State Conservatory
3 Teatralnaya Ploshchad
St. Petersburg, 190000

For general inquiries and further information, you can contact the conservatory through the following:


St. Petersburg State Conservatory stands as a beacon of musical excellence, offering a world-class education to aspiring musicians. With its rich history, outstanding faculty, diverse programs, and a commitment to nurturing talent, the conservatory continues to inspire and shape the future of classical music.