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Motto, Vision, and Mission

Sri Krishnadevaraya University (SKU), located in the beautiful state of Andhra Pradesh, India, embraces the motto of "Rajasilpi Bandhavyam" which translates to "Art is a close ally of kingship." As a leading higher education institution, SKU seeks to empower students with knowledge, foster their creativity, and prepare them to become future leaders in their respective fields.

The university's vision is to nurture and develop young minds who can critically analyze, innovate, and contribute to society. This is achieved through a mission that focuses on providing top-quality education, research opportunities, and a supportive environment for overall personality development.

Chancellor and History

The esteemed chancellor of Sri Krishnadevaraya University is [Chancellor's Name]. Under the leadership of the chancellor, the university has achieved numerous milestones and has emerged as a center for academic excellence in the region.

Sri Krishnadevaraya University was established in [year] and is named after the great Vijayanagara Empire's emperor, Sri Krishnadevaraya. The university has always strived for greatness, upholding its commitment to providing exceptional education since its inception.

Current Progress

Sri Krishnadevaraya University has consistently progressed in various academic and research domains. The university constantly endeavors to improve its teaching methodologies, incorporate modern technology, and adapt to the changing needs of the students and society. Today, it stands as a renowned institute, attracting students from across the country.

Courses Offered and Costs

Sri Krishnadevaraya University offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs across various disciplines. The courses encompass fields such as Arts, Science, Commerce, Management, Technology, and more. The university ensures that the curriculum is comprehensive, industry-relevant, and designed to prepare students for their chosen careers.

For detailed information about the courses offered and their associated costs, interested individuals can visit the official website of Sri Krishnadevaraya University.


Sri Krishnadevaraya University believes in recognizing and rewarding academic excellence. The university offers a range of scholarships to deserving students based on their performance in previous education levels, entrance examinations, or specific criteria set by the university. These scholarships serve as a motivation for students to strive for excellence and alleviate financial burdens.

For information about available scholarships and eligibility criteria, students are encouraged to contact the university's scholarship department directly.

Faculty and Student Information

Sri Krishnadevaraya University takes pride in its highly qualified and dedicated faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. These experienced individuals provide students with the guidance, mentorship, and knowledge required to succeed in their academic pursuits.

The university also facilitates a vibrant student community, encouraging cultural, sports, and extracurricular activities for overall development. Students benefit from the diverse and inclusive environment provided by SKU, allowing them to expand their horizons and develop essential life skills.

Location and Contact Information

Sri Krishnadevaraya University is located in [City, State], which boasts a serene and picturesque campus conducive to learning and growth. The university's address is:

Sri Krishnadevaraya University
[Address Line 1]
[Address Line 2]
[City, State, Zip Code]

For further inquiries, students and interested individuals can contact the university through the following details:


Sri Krishnadevaraya University stands as a beacon of knowledge, fostering brilliance and nurturing future leaders. With its rich history, comprehensive courses, dedicated faculty, and commitment to excellence, SKU continues to shape the lives of countless students, empowering them to make a significant impact on society and beyond.