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Sindh Madressatul Islam University

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Sindh Madressatul Islam University (SMIU) is a prestigious institution located in the heart of Karachi, Pakistan. Established in 1885, it is one of the oldest educational institutions in South Asia. Known for its commitment to excellence and academic rigor, SMIU continuously strives to provide quality education and empower its students to become responsible global citizens.

Motto, Vision, and Mission

The motto of Sindh Madressatul Islam University is "Knowledge, Integrity, and Progress." The university envisions a society where education is accessible to all and leads to the holistic development of individuals. Its mission is to equip students with essential knowledge, skills, and values to contribute effectively in their chosen fields and serve the community at large.


The current chancellor of Sindh Madressatul Islam University is His Excellency, Governor of Sindh, Imran Ismail. Under his leadership, the university has witnessed significant growth and has become a prominent institution in the region.


SMIU has a rich history that dates back to 1885 when it was founded by Hassanally Effendi, a prominent philanthropist and visionary leader. Initially, it served as a religious school, but over the years, it evolved into a full-fledged educational institution offering a wide range of programs and disciplines.

Current Progress

SMIU has made remarkable progress in recent years, expanding its academic programs, strengthening its faculty, and enhancing its research capabilities. The university is well-known for its emphasis on multidisciplinary education and fostering a culture of innovation and critical thinking among its students.

Courses Offered and Costs

SMIU offers a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various faculties, including Social Sciences, Business Administration, Computer Science, Environmental Sciences, Education, and Media Studies. The university also offers diplomas and certificate courses in different fields of study.

For detailed information about the courses offered and their associated costs, please visit the official SMIU website.


SMIU recognizes the importance of financial assistance in ensuring educational opportunities for deserving students. The university offers a variety of scholarships and financial aid programs to support meritorious students. These scholarships are awarded based on academic performance, financial need, and other criteria. To learn more about available scholarships and their application process, please visit the scholarships page on the official website.

Teachers and Student Information

SMIU takes pride in its dedicated and accomplished faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. They employ innovative teaching methods and provide mentorship to students, fostering an environment of intellectual growth and learning.

The university also offers a range of facilities and resources to enhance the overall university experience for students. These include well-equipped libraries, state-of-the-art computer labs, research centers, sports facilities, and student organizations.

Location and Contact Information

Sindh Madressatul Islam University is conveniently located in the vicinity of I.I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi, Pakistan. The campus is easily accessible and provides a vibrant academic environment conducive to learning and personal development.

To contact SMIU, you can reach out to:

Sindh Madressatul Islam University,
Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road, Karachi, Pakistan.
Phone: +92 (21) 99217501-3
Email: [email protected]