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Welcome to Shimonoseki City University, a prestigious institution of higher education located in Japan. As an SEO-optimized article, this comprehensive guide will provide you with everything you need to know about the university, including its motto, vision, mission, chancellor, history, progress, courses offered, costs, scholarships provided, details about teachers and students, location, and contact address.

Motto, Vision, and Mission

Shimonoseki City University's motto is "Knowledge Empowers Change." It demonstrates the university's commitment to nurturing students' knowledge and empowering them to make positive changes in their lives and society as a whole. The institution's vision is to become a leading educational hub, recognized for its academic excellence and contribution to the advancement of society. Shimonoseki City University's mission is to provide quality education, promote research and innovation, and cultivate global citizens who can thrive in the ever-changing world.

Chancellor and University Leadership

At the helm of Shimonoseki City University is Chancellor [Chancellor's Name]. With [his/her] extensive experience and dedication to education, [Chancellor's Name] leads the university towards its vision of excellence. Alongside the Chancellor, the university is supported by a team of accomplished academic leaders who guide and shape its academic programs and initiatives.

History and Current Progress

Established in [Year], Shimonoseki City University has a rich history of promoting higher education and fostering intellectual growth. Over the years, it has evolved into a renowned institution that offers a diverse range of academic disciplines. The university continuously strives for progress and innovation in teaching, research, and community engagement.

Courses Offered and Costs

Shimonoseki City University offers an array of undergraduate and graduate programs across various disciplines. Students can choose from a wide range of fields, including but not limited to:

  • Department of [Course/Program 1]
  • Department of [Course/Program 2]
  • Department of [Course/Program 3]
  • Department of [Course/Program 4]

Students are encouraged to explore the official university website for detailed information about each course, admission requirements, and curriculum structure. The university aims to provide affordable education to all students, and costs may vary depending on the chosen program and student status. Prospective students should refer to the university's website or reach out to the admissions office for accurate and up-to-date fee information.


Shimonoseki City University understands the importance of financial support for students pursuing their educational aspirations. Various scholarships, both merit-based and need-based, are available to help ease the financial burden. These scholarships are designed to recognize exceptional academic performance, provide opportunities for international students, and assist those with limited financial resources. As the scholarship offerings may vary over time, students are advised to consult the university's website or contact the financial aid office for the latest scholarship information and application processes.

Teachers and Student Information

Shimonoseki City University boasts a distinguished faculty consisting of highly qualified professors, researchers, and industry experts. The teachers are passionate about imparting knowledge, fostering critical thinking, and supporting students' personal growth. With their expertise and dedication, the faculty plays a pivotal role in providing students with a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.

As an inclusive institution, Shimonoseki City University values diversity and encourages students from all backgrounds to join its academic community. The university offers various support programs to ensure students' holistic development, providing them with a nurturing environment to excel academically and socially.

Location and Contact Information

Shimonoseki City University is situated in the beautiful city of Shimonoseki, [Address]. The prime location provides easy access to a vibrant cultural and academic scene, allowing students to immerse themselves in rich tradition while enjoying modern amenities.

If you wish to reach out to Shimonoseki City University for further information, the contact details are as follows:

Address: [University Address]

Email: [University Email]

Phone: [University Phone Number]

Don't hesitate to contact the university for any specific inquiries or to learn more about the courses, admissions, or any other details you seek. They are dedicated to providing prompt and accurate assistance to prospective students.


Shimonoseki City University stands tall as a leading educational institution committed to fostering knowledge, research, and global citizenship. With its motto of "Knowledge Empowers Change," the university empowers students to make a positive impact on themselves and society. Through a rich history and continuous progress, the institution offers a diverse range of courses and scholarships, ensuring quality education and support for its students. The dedicated faculty and nurturing environment create an ideal platform for personal and academic growth.

Consider Shimonoseki City University as your gateway to knowledge, personal development, and a brighter future.