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Ritsumeikan University

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Motto, Vision, and Mission

Ritsumeikan University, a renowned educational institution located in Japan, upholds a strong motto: "Freedom of academic culture, thorough commitment, and the continuous search for truth". The university's vision is to foster globally responsible citizens who can contribute to society in diverse fields. Ritsumeikan University is dedicated to providing an environment where students can acquire knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, and engage in research that can make a positive impact on the world.


The esteemed Chancellor of Ritsumeikan University is Mr. Mikio Yoshida. With his exceptional leadership skills and commitment to academic excellence, Chancellor Yoshida has been instrumental in shaping the university's growth and reputation both domestically and internationally.

History and Current Progress

Ritsumeikan University has a rich history dating back to 1869 when its precursor, Ritsumeikan School, was founded. Over the years, the university has evolved into a comprehensive institution with multiple faculties and graduate schools, embracing a wide range of academic disciplines.

Today, Ritsumeikan University stands as a prominent educational institution, renowned for its outstanding research, vibrant campus life, and commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals.

List of Courses Offered and Costs

Ritsumeikan University offers an extensive range of study programs across various fields. Some of the faculties and courses available include:

  • College of International Relations: Global Studies, International Law, Politics and Diplomacy, and more.
  • College of Business Administration: Business Strategy, Marketing, Finance, and more.
  • College of Science and Engineering: Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and more.
  • College of Law: Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law, and more.
  • Many other faculties, including Economics, Letters, Image Arts and Sciences, and Social Sciences, with diverse courses tailored to each discipline.

For specific information regarding admission requirements and tuition fees for each program, please visit the official Ritsumeikan University website.

List of Scholarships Offered

Ritsumeikan University understands the importance of supporting its students financially. The university offers a variety of scholarships to assist students in their academic pursuits. These scholarships include:

  • Ritsumeikan University Scholarship
  • Kyoto Inamori Foundation Scholarship
  • Abe Ritsumeikan Scholarship
  • International Student Scholarship
  • And many more

These scholarships aim to recognize academic achievements, support students with financial needs, and encourage international students to study at Ritsumeikan University.

Teachers and Student Information

Ritsumeikan University boasts a distinguished faculty comprising accomplished educators, researchers, and professionals who are experts in their respective fields. These dedicated teachers provide students with comprehensive guidance and contribute to the academic and personal growth of the student body.

The university's commitment to student support extends beyond teaching. Ritsumeikan University offers various extracurricular activities, student clubs, counseling services, and career support programs to ensure holistic development and a fulfilling student experience.

Location and Contact Information

Ritsumeikan University is located in Japan, with its main campuses in Kyoto and Shiga. The addresses for the campuses are:

① Kinugasa Campus (Kyoto): 56-1 Kitakoganecho, Kita Ward, Kyoto, 603-8577, Japan

② Osaka Ibaraki Campus (Osaka): 2-150 Iwakura-cho, Ibaraki City, Osaka, 567-8501, Japan

For more detailed contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses, please visit the official Ritsumeikan University website.


Ritsumeikan University is a prestigious institution in Japan, known for its commitment to academic freedom, pursuit of truth, and global responsibility. With an illustrious history, accomplished faculty, diverse course offerings, and a range of scholarships, the university provides an exceptional academic environment for students seeking a comprehensive education. By incorporating its motto, vision, and mission into its educational philosophy, Ritsumeikan University continues to prepare future leaders who can make a positive impact on society. Consider Ritsumeikan University as your gateway to a bright and successful future!