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Nordakademie, Staatlich anerkannte private Fachhochschule mit dualen Studiengängen

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The Nordakademie is a state-recognized private university specializing in dual study programs. With a motto centered on quality education and practical application, the institution is committed to providing students with a comprehensive learning experience that prepares them for successful careers in their chosen industries.

Vision and Mission

The Nordakademie's vision is to be a leading academic institution in Germany, recognized for its excellence in dual study programs. Their mission revolves around equipping students with the essential theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to excel in their future professional endeavors.

Chancellor and History

The Nordakademie is led by Chancellor Prof. Dr. Georg Plate, who has played a key role in shaping the institution's growth and reputation. Established in 1992, the university has since become a prominent player in the dual study landscape, offering high-quality education and fostering strong partnerships with numerous industry-leading companies.

Current Progress

The Nordakademie has consistently evolved and expanded its offerings over the years. Today, it boasts a wide range of dual study programs across various fields, ensuring students have access to diverse educational paths that align with their interests and career goals. The university's reputation continues to grow as graduates excel in their respective industries.

Study Programs

The Nordakademie offers an impressive selection of dual study programs, including:

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Informatics
  • Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Wirtschaftsinformatik (Business Information Systems)

Tuition and Scholarships

As a private institution, the Nordakademie charges tuition fees for its programs. The exact costs may vary, and prospective students are encouraged to consult the official website or contact the admissions office for detailed information.

The Nordakademie also offers various scholarships to support students financially. These scholarships are available to both new and current students, and the eligibility criteria and application process can be found on the official website.


The Nordakademie boasts a highly qualified and dedicated faculty consisting of professors, lecturers, and industry experts. The teaching staff combines academic knowledge with real-world experience to deliver a well-rounded education that equips students with practical skills.

Location and Contact Information

The Nordakademie is located in Elmshorn, a charming town in northern Germany. The exact address is:

Nordakademie Hochschule der Wirtschaft
Köllner Chaussee 11
25337 Elmshorn

For further information and inquiries, you can visit the official website or contact the admissions office directly.