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National Research University of Electronic Technology

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The National Research University of Electronic Technology, also known as MIET (Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology), is a prestigious university located in Zelenograd, Russia. The university specializes in electronics, microelectronics, information technology, and other related fields. It was founded in 1965 and has since become one of the top technical universities in Russia.


The motto of the National Research University of Electronic Technology is "Knowledge. Technology. Progress."


The university's vision is to be a globally recognized center of excellence in electronic technology education, research, and innovation.


The mission of the university is to provide high-quality education, contribute to scientific research and technological development, and foster innovation and entrepreneurship among its students and faculty.


The current Chancellor of the National Research University of Electronic Technology is Dr. Anatoly Alexandrovich Alexandrov. Under his leadership, the university has made significant strides in academic achievements, research contributions, and international collaborations.


The National Research University of Electronic Technology was established in 1965 as the Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering. Over the years, it has gained recognition for its exceptional programs and contributions to the field of electronics. In 2010, the university was granted the status of a National Research University, further solidifying its position as a leading institution in the country.

Current Progress

The university has been constantly advancing in various aspects. It has successfully developed strong collaborations with industry partners, leading to innovative research projects and technology transfer. The university's faculty has grown in numbers and expertise, attracting talented professors and researchers from all over the world. The university also emphasizes internationalization and actively seeks partnerships with universities and institutions abroad.

Courses Offered and Costs

The National Research University of Electronic Technology offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in electronics, microelectronics, information technology, computer science, and related disciplines. The costs of these programs vary depending on the level of study and the specific program. It is advisable to visit the university's official website or contact the admissions office for the most up-to-date information on tuition fees and other associated costs.

List of Scholarships

The university offers several scholarships to support meritorious students in their academic journey. These scholarships are awarded based on academic excellence, research potential, and financial need. Some of the prominent scholarships include the MIET Academic Excellence Scholarship, MIET International Scholarship, and MIET Research Scholarship. Eligible students are encouraged to apply for these scholarships through the designated application process.

Teachers and Student Information

The National Research University of Electronic Technology takes pride in its highly qualified and experienced faculty members. The university attracts talented professors and researchers who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the classroom. They are dedicated to providing quality education and mentoring students in their academic pursuits.

As for the student body, the university is home to a diverse and dynamic community of learners. Students come from various regions of Russia as well as other countries, creating a multicultural and stimulating environment for academic and personal growth.


The university's campus is situated in the city of Zelenograd, Moscow Oblast, Russia. Zelenograd is known as the "Silicon Valley of Russia" due to its concentration of electronics and microelectronics enterprises. The city provides an excellent environment for students to engage in both academic pursuits and industry collaborations.

Contact Information

For inquiries or further information, you can contact the National Research University of Electronic Technology at:

Address: Zeleznodorozhnaya St., 1, Zelenograd, Moscow Oblast, Russia

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +7 (495) 372-52-53

Visit the university's official website for more details: National Research University of Electronic Technology