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National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology

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National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology (NKUST) is a reputable institution located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. With a commitment to excellence, NKUST offers a wide range of academic programs and is known for its strong emphasis on science and technology.


The university's motto is "Integrity, Pragmatic, Diligence, and Innovation". These core values drive the institution's culture and its dedication to providing a high-quality education.

Vision and Mission

The vision of NKUST is to be a world-class university recognized for its contributions to research, education, and innovation. The mission of the university is to nurture talented individuals, encourage research and development, and serve society through the application of knowledge.


The current chancellor of NKUST is Professor [Chancellor's Name]. With a distinguished academic background and extensive experience, the chancellor provides leadership and guidance to the university community.


NKUST was founded in [Year] and has since grown into a leading institution of higher education in Taiwan. Over the years, the university has expanded its facilities, academic programs, and research capabilities to meet the evolving needs of society.

Current Progress

NKUST continues to make significant advancements in various fields of study. The university actively promotes interdisciplinary research, fosters industry collaborations, and encourages innovation and entrepreneurship among its students and faculty members.

Courses Offered and Costs

NKUST offers a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate programs across different disciplines. Some of the popular courses include [Course 1], [Course 2], and [Course 3]. The costs associated with each program may vary, and it is recommended to visit the university's official website for the most up-to-date information on tuition fees and other expenses.


NKUST provides scholarships to recognize and support outstanding students. Scholarships are awarded based on academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, and financial need. Some of the scholarships offered by the university include [Scholarship 1], [Scholarship 2], and [Scholarship 3]. Eligibility criteria and application procedures can be found on the university's website.

Teachers and Student Information

NKUST boasts a team of highly qualified and dedicated educators who are committed to providing exceptional education. The university attracts talented students from diverse backgrounds who contribute to a vibrant and inclusive learning environment.

Location and Contact Address

NKUST is located in [City], [Country]. The exact address of the university is [Address]. For inquiries or further information, you can contact the university at [Contact Information].

Important Information

For additional important information about admission procedures, academic calendar, research opportunities, campus facilities, and more, please visit the official website of National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology: