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Mountains of the Moon University

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Welcome to Mountains of the Moon University (MMU), an esteemed institution located in Uganda.

Motto – Knowledge, Skills, and Values for Sustainable Development

MMU stands by its motto, which reflects its commitment to providing students with holistic education that prepares them for a sustainable future.


The university's vision is to become a leading African institution, renowned for academic excellence and positive societal impact.


MMU aims to provide quality education, research, and community engagement to empower students and contribute to sustainable socioeconomic development.


The university's current Chancellor is the esteemed [Chancellor's Name]. [Chancellor's Name] brings vast experience and expertise to lead MMU towards new horizons.

History and Progress

Established in [Year], Mountains of the Moon University has steadily grown into a reputable institution over the years. Starting with [initial number] students, it now caters to a diverse community of over [current number] students.

The university has continuously expanded its infrastructure and academic offerings to provide an enriching environment for students. Its commitment to quality education has been recognized through various accreditations and partnerships.

Courses Offered

Mountains of the Moon University offers a wide range of courses across multiple disciplines. Some of the prominent courses include:

  • Bachelor of Science in [Course]
  • Bachelor of Arts in [Course]
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Education in [Course]
  • Master of [Course]

For a comprehensive list of courses and specializations, please visit the MMU Courses page on our official website.

Costs and Scholarships

Mountains of the Moon University is committed to making education accessible to all deserving students. The university offers various scholarships based on academic merit, financial need, and other criteria. These scholarships cover tuition fees, accommodation, and some living expenses.

For detailed information on scholarships and associated costs, please refer to the MMU Scholarships page on our official website.


MMU takes pride in its exceptional faculty members who possess extensive knowledge and experience in their respective fields. They are committed to providing quality education and mentorship to students, nurturing their skills and fostering an intellectually stimulating environment.


The student community at MMU is diverse, representing various backgrounds, cultures, and regions. The university provides a supportive and inclusive environment that encourages collaboration and personal growth.

Location and Contact Address

Mountains of the Moon University is located in Fort Portal, a picturesque town nestled in the beautiful Western Region of Uganda.

Contact Address:

[University Name]

P.O. Box [Address]

Fort Portal, Uganda

Important Information

For further information, inquiries, or any assistance, please reach out to us through the following contacts:

  • Email: [Email Address]
  • Phone: [Phone Number]
  • Website:

Experience a transformative educational journey at Mountains of the Moon University – Knowledge for Sustainable Development.