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Moscow State University of Forestry Engineering

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About the University

The Moscow State University of Forestry Engineering (MSUFE), located in Moscow, Russia, is a leading academic institution specializing in forestry engineering and related fields. With a rich history and a commitment to excellence, MSUFE continues to provide high-quality education and research opportunities.

Motto, Vision, and Mission

The motto of Moscow State University of Forestry Engineering is "Knowledge, Skills, Sustainability." The university envisions becoming a global center of excellence in forestry engineering education, research, and sustainable development. MSUFE's mission is to prepare highly skilled professionals in the field of forestry engineering while promoting environmental consciousness and sustainable forest management practices.


At the helm of MSUFE is Chancellor [Chancellor's Name]. As a visionary leader, [Chancellor's Name] is dedicated to advancing the university's mission and fostering a conducive academic environment.

Historical Background and Current Progress

Moscow State University of Forestry Engineering was established in [Year] with the aim of meeting the growing demand for skilled forestry engineers in Russia and beyond. Over the years, the university has continuously evolved, adapting to modern educational standards and advancements in forestry engineering. Today, MSUFE stands as a recognized authority in the field, contributing to research, innovation, and sustainable forest management practices.

Courses Offered

MSUFE offers a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in forestry engineering and related disciplines. Some of the courses provided by the university include:

  • Forestry and Wildlife Management
  • Forest Engineering
  • Wood Science and Technology
  • Forest Products Marketing and Management
  • Ecology and Environmental Sciences
  • Forest Fire Management

Tuition Costs

The tuition costs at MSUFE vary depending on the program and level of study. For specific information on current fees, it is recommended to visit the official university website at or contact the university directly.


MSUFE offers a range of scholarships and financial aid opportunities to support deserving students. These scholarships aim to recognize academic excellence, encourage research, and provide financial assistance to students in need. For detailed information on available scholarships and how to apply, prospective students are advised to visit the official website or contact the university's scholarship department.

Faculty and Student Information

MSUFE boasts a highly qualified faculty comprising experienced professors, researchers, and industry experts. The university's faculty members are dedicated to delivering comprehensive education, conducting impactful research, and mentoring students.

With regards to the student body, MSUFE attracts talented individuals from various regions who are passionate about forestry engineering and environmental sustainability. The university provides a supportive and inclusive environment that fosters personal and professional growth.

Location and Contact Information

Moscow State University of Forestry Engineering is located in Moscow, Russia. For those interested in visiting or contacting the university, the address details are as follows:

Address: [University Address]

Contact Number: [University Phone Number]

Email: [University Email]

For further information regarding programs, admission requirements, or any other inquiries, please visit the official MSUFE website at