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Moscow State University of Commerce

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Welcome to Moscow State University of Commerce (MSUC), a prestigious institution dedicated to providing world-class education in the field of commerce and business. As one of the leading universities in Russia, MSUC is renowned for its excellence in teaching, research, and professional development.

Motto, Vision, and Mission

The motto of Moscow State University of Commerce is "Knowledge, Skill, Integrity." This reflects our commitment to fostering knowledge and skills among our students while instilling a strong sense of integrity and ethical principles in their professional lives.

Our vision is to be a global leader in commerce education, nurturing graduates who are equipped to excel in the dynamic and competitive business world.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive and practical education that prepares our students to become successful professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders in the business field.


The esteemed chancellor of Moscow State University of Commerce is Dr. Ivan Petrov. With a wealth of experience in academia and a strong background in business, Dr. Petrov is dedicated to ensuring the university's continuous growth and success.

History and Current Progress

Established in 1919, Moscow State University of Commerce has a rich history of providing quality education in commerce-related disciplines. Over the years, the university has grown in size and reputation, becoming a renowned institution both in Russia and internationally.

We take pride in our modern infrastructure, state-of-the-art facilities, and advanced teaching methodologies that enable us to deliver a cutting-edge education to our students. Our esteemed faculty members, who are experts in their respective fields, ensure that our programs are aligned with industry trends and demands.

Today, MSUC continues to expand its academic offerings and research capabilities, keeping pace with the evolving business landscape and equipping our graduates with the necessary skills to thrive in their careers.

Courses Offered and Costs

Moscow State University of Commerce offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in commerce, business administration, finance, marketing, economics, and related fields. Our aim is to provide students with comprehensive and industry-relevant knowledge that prepares them for successful careers.

To get detailed information about the courses offered and their respective costs, please visit our Courses page on our official website.


We understand that financial considerations can sometimes pose challenges for students aspiring to pursue higher education. Therefore, Moscow State University of Commerce offers various scholarships and financial aid options to deserving and meritorious students.

To learn more about the scholarships available and the application process, please visit our Scholarships page on our official website.

Teachers and Student Information

At MSUC, we take pride in our accomplished faculty members who are experts in their fields and dedicated to fostering an engaging and intellectually stimulating learning environment. They bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the classroom, ensuring that our students receive a holistic educational experience.

Our students come from diverse backgrounds, creating a vibrant and inclusive community. We foster a supportive and collaborative atmosphere where students can learn from each other, develop essential skills, and build lifelong connections.


Moscow State University of Commerce is located in Moscow, the capital city of Russia. Our campus is situated in a prime location, easily accessible through various modes of transportation, making it convenient for students from across the city.

For further directions and details about our campus location, please refer to the Contact page on our official website.

Contact Information:

Address: 123 Main Street, Moscow, Russia

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1 123-456-7890

We hope that this article has provided you with valuable insights into Moscow State University of Commerce. To learn more about our institution, our programs, and the endless opportunities we offer, please visit our official website.

We look forward to welcoming you to our esteemed university and guiding you on your journey towards a successful and fulfilling career in commerce.

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