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Welcome to Korea Maritime University (KMU), a prestigious institution dedicated to providing excellent education and research opportunities in the field of maritime studies. With a history spanning decades and a commitment to innovation, KMU stands as a leader in shaping the future of maritime education in South Korea and beyond.

Motto, Vision, and Mission

At KMU, we believe that maritime education serves as the foundation for a prosperous global maritime industry. Our motto, "Education for a Sustainable Maritime World," reflects our dedication to preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly evolving maritime sector.

Our vision is to become a world-renowned maritime university that cultivates competent professionals through comprehensive education that incorporates theory, practice, and research. We aim to foster global leaders who will contribute to the sustainable development of the maritime industry, both domestically and internationally.

To achieve our vision, our mission is:

  • To provide high-quality education and training in maritime-related fields.
  • To conduct research that advances the knowledge and practices of the maritime industry.
  • To contribute to the development and promotion of maritime policies and technologies.
  • To cultivate competent professionals with a global perspective, ethical values, and leadership skills.

Chancellor and Leadership

The Chancellor of Korea Maritime University is [Insert Chancellor's Name]. Under their visionary leadership, KMU has thrived as a distinguished institution, consistently adapting to the changing needs of the maritime industry.

History and Current Progress

Korea Maritime University was established in [Insert Year] with the aim of addressing the growing demand for education in maritime studies. Over the years, it has evolved into a comprehensive maritime university offering a wide range of programs.

Throughout its history, KMU has strived for excellence in education, research, and industry collaboration. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of maritime advancements has allowed us to cultivate a strong network of industry partnerships, ensuring that our students receive comprehensive and relevant education.

Currently, KMU is proud to offer a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate programs across various disciplines, including:

  • Marine Engineering
  • Maritime Transportation
  • Marine Environmental Science
  • Marine Biology
  • Maritime Law and Policy
  • And many more…

Courses Offered and Costs

To explore the complete list of courses offered at KMU, please visit our Courses page.

For information regarding tuition fees and other costs, please refer to our Admissions and Tuition page.


KMU is dedicated to making education accessible to deserving students. We offer a range of scholarships to support talented individuals who demonstrate exceptional academic achievements, leadership potential, and a passion for maritime studies.

To learn more about the scholarships available, including eligibility criteria and application procedures, visit our Scholarships page.


KMU takes pride in its esteemed faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. Our faculty is composed of distinguished scholars, experienced industry professionals, and dedicated researchers who are committed to providing high-quality education, mentorship, and guidance to our students.

For detailed information about our faculty members, please visit our Faculty page.

Location and Contact Information

Korea Maritime University is located in [Insert City], South Korea, surrounded by the scenic beauty of the coast. The campus provides an optimal learning environment for students pursuing maritime education while also offering convenient access to various transportation links.

Contact Information:

Korea Maritime University

[Insert Address]

Phone: [Insert Phone Number]

Email: [email protected]


For detailed directions and a map of our campus, please refer to our Contact Us page.

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