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International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University

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The International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University (ITBMU) is a prestigious institution located in Myanmar. As the name suggests, it is dedicated to promoting Theravada Buddhism and spreading its teachings to students from around the world.

Motto, Vision, and Mission

The motto of ITBMU is "Dhamma Education for Global Peace and Prosperity." The university is committed to preserving and promoting the teachings of the Buddha and offering higher education to individuals interested in learning and practicing Buddhism.

The vision of ITBMU is to become a leading international Buddhist educational center, fostering a peaceful and harmonious world through the dissemination of Buddhist knowledge and values.

The mission of ITBMU is to provide high-quality education, research, and training in Buddhist studies, promoting understanding, tolerance, and ethical conduct in individuals who can contribute positively to society.


The current chancellor of ITBMU is Venerable Sayadaw Ashin Nyanissara. With his vast knowledge and experience, Venerable Sayadaw plays a pivotal role in guiding the university towards its goals.

History and Current Progress

ITBMU was founded in 1998 and since then, it has grown to become a renowned institution in the field of Buddhist education. It offers a wide range of courses and programs, attracting students from Myanmar and beyond.

The university has made significant progress in establishing collaboration and exchange programs with international universities and Buddhist institutions worldwide. This has allowed students and faculty members to benefit from a global perspective and contribute to the development of Buddhist scholarship.

Courses Offered and Costs

ITBMU offers a diverse range of courses and programs related to Buddhist studies. Some of the prominent courses include:

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Buddhist Studies
  2. Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies
  3. Doctor of Philosophy in Buddhist Studies
  4. Diploma in Buddhist Studies
  5. Postgraduate Diploma in Abhidhamma Studies
  6. Certificate Course in Pali Language

The cost of these courses varies depending on the level and duration. For detailed information regarding course fees and admission requirements, prospective students are encouraged to visit the official website of ITBMU.


ITBMU offers scholarships to deserving students to support their educational journey. These scholarships are based on various criteria such as academic performance, financial need, and dedication to the study of Buddhism. Students are encouraged to inquire about available scholarships directly from the university.

Teachers and Student Information

The teaching faculty at ITBMU consists of highly qualified and experienced Buddhist scholars and practitioners. These teachers provide guidance and mentorship to students, nurturing their understanding of Buddhism and its application in everyday life.

ITBMU fosters a vibrant and diverse community of students passionate about Buddhist studies. The university welcomes individuals from all backgrounds who share a keen interest in exploring the principles and practices of Theravada Buddhism.

Location and Contact Address

The International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University is located in Myanmar. The exact address for contacting the university is:

International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University

No.54, Thumingalar Road, Thanlyin, Yangon Region, Myanmar.

Phone: +95 052 33351
Email: [email protected]


ITBMU stands as a beacon of Buddhist education, imparting wisdom, and nurturing individuals who can contribute positively to society. With its comprehensive courses, scholarships, and distinguished faculty, it continues to make valuable contributions to the field of Buddhism.