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Instituto Superior de Tecnologias Avançadas – ISTEC

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Welcome to the official website of Instituto Superior de Tecnologias Avançadas (ISTEC). With a vision to excel in technology education and provide cutting-edge courses to aspiring students, ISTEC has become a leading university in Portugal.

Motto, Vision, and Mission

The motto of ISTEC is "Innovation Through Knowledge." The institution aims to foster creativity, innovation, and critical thinking among its students. ISTEC envisions becoming a globally recognized and respected institution for technology education. The mission of ISTEC is to provide high-quality education that prepares students for successful careers in the ever-evolving technology industry.

Chancellor and History

ISTEC's current chancellor is Professor Carlos Ramos, a distinguished academician and visionary leader in the field of technology education. Under his leadership, the institute has witnessed tremendous growth and recognition.

ISTEC was founded in 1992 with the goal of offering specialized technology programs that bridge the gap between academic knowledge and industry requirements. Over the years, ISTEC has developed strong industry ties, ensuring that their courses are updated and aligned with current industry trends.

Current Progress and Development

ISTEC has been successful in maintaining a progressive environment that encourages innovation and research. Through collaborations with industry partners and research institutions, ISTEC has been able to contribute to technological advancements in various fields. The institute also focuses on nurturing entrepreneurship skills among students, empowering them to become future leaders in the technology sector.

Courses Offered and Costs

ISTEC offers a wide range of courses across different technological disciplines. Some of the prominent courses include:

  • Bachelor's in Computer Science
  • Bachelor's in Information Systems
  • Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering
  • Master's in Data Science
  • Master's in Software Engineering
  • Master's in Artificial Intelligence

For detailed information about courses, including admission requirements and tuition fees, please visit the Courses page on ISTEC's official website.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

ISTEC understands the financial challenges faced by many students and offers scholarships and financial aid to deserving candidates. These scholarships are awarded based on various factors, including academic performance, financial need, and extracurricular achievements. Students are encouraged to visit the Scholarships page on ISTEC's official website to explore available opportunities and application procedures.

Faculty and Student Information

ISTEC takes pride in its dedicated and expert faculty members who possess vast industry experience and academic qualifications. The faculty members are committed to providing a supportive learning environment and imparting practical knowledge to the students. ISTEC also focuses on maintaining a healthy teacher-to-student ratio to ensure personalized attention and enhanced learning outcomes.

ISTEC's student community is diverse and enthusiastic, comprising individuals who are passionate about technology and eager to make a positive impact in the world. The university nurtures a collaborative culture and encourages students to engage in extracurricular activities, research projects, and industry internships.

Location and Contact Information

ISTEC is located in the heart of Portugal, making it easily accessible for both local and international students. The address of the institution is:

Instituto Superior de Tecnologias Avançadas – ISTEC
Rua Camões, 231
4000-145 Porto

For any inquiries or further information, feel free to contact ISTEC's administrative office at [email protected] or call +351 22 207 2130.

Other Important Information

ISTEC is committed to providing an inclusive and nurturing environment for all its students and faculty members. The institute actively promotes diversity, equality, and social responsibility.

To stay updated with the latest news, events, and announcements from ISTEC, please visit the official website at or follow them on social media platforms.

By choosing ISTEC, you embark on a journey of academic excellence and professional growth. Join the community of technologically inclined individuals and equip yourself with the skills required to thrive in the dynamic world of technology.