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Welcome to the Institute of Management and Business Technology (IMBT), a leading university located in MA. At IMBT, we are committed to providing quality education and shaping future leaders in the field of management and business.


Our motto is "Excellence in Education and Professionalism in Practice."


Our vision is to be a globally recognized institution that empowers individuals with knowledge, skills, and values necessary for success in the business world.


Our mission is to provide innovative and industry-relevant education, foster research and entrepreneurship, and promote ethical and responsible business practices.


The Institute of Management and Business Technology is led by Chancellor John Smith, a renowned academician and visionary leader with extensive experience in the field of business management.


IMBT was established in 1995 with the aim of delivering quality education in the field of management. Over the years, we have grown into a prestigious institution known for its academic excellence and industry connections.

Current Progress

IMBT continues to thrive and expand its academic offerings. We have partnered with leading organizations to develop programs that meet the evolving demands of the business landscape. Our state-of-the-art campus fosters a conducive environment for learning, research, and collaboration among students and faculty.

List of Courses Offered and Costs

IMBT offers a wide range of courses across various disciplines in management and business. Some of our popular courses include:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
  • Master of Commerce (M.Com)
  • Diploma in Entrepreneurship

For detailed information about the courses offered and their respective costs, please refer to our website here.

List of Scholarships Offered

At IMBT, we believe in providing equal opportunities for all students. We offer a range of scholarships to meritorious and deserving candidates. These scholarships are aimed at recognizing academic excellence and promoting inclusivity. For more information about available scholarships and eligibility criteria, kindly visit our scholarships page here.

Faculty and Student Information

IMBT boasts a dedicated and highly qualified faculty team with extensive industry experience. Our professors are experts in their respective fields and are committed to imparting knowledge and guiding students towards success.

Our student body is diverse, comprising individuals from different backgrounds and cultures. We believe in holistic development and provide various opportunities for students to engage in extracurricular activities, community service, and professional development.

Location and Contact Address

The Institute of Management and Business Technology is located in the heart of MA, at 123 Main Street, City, State, ZIP. For any queries or further information, please feel free to contact us at:

Phone: +1 123-456-7890
Email: [email protected]

Important Information

For any updates, news, and events happening at IMBT, please visit our website regularly. We strive to provide a nurturing and intellectually stimulating environment that equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful career in the world of business and management.