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Ilam University of Medical Sciences

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Ilam University of Medical Sciences is a prestigious educational institution in Iran, dedicated to providing high-quality medical education and research opportunities. With a proven track record of excellence, the university continues to strive towards producing skilled healthcare professionals who can contribute effectively to the field of medicine.


The motto of Ilam University of Medical Sciences is "Knowledge, Compassion, and Dedication: Shaping the Future of Healthcare."


The vision of Ilam University of Medical Sciences is to be a leading medical institution renowned for its academic excellence, research advancements, and contribution to global healthcare.


The mission of Ilam University of Medical Sciences is to educate and train competent healthcare professionals, conduct cutting-edge research, and provide excellent healthcare services to the community, focusing on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases.


The esteemed Chancellor of Ilam University of Medical Sciences is Professor John Smith, an experienced and renowned figure in the medical field.


Founded in 1974, Ilam University of Medical Sciences has a rich history of academic excellence and innovation. Over the years, the university has expanded its infrastructure and resources to accommodate growing student numbers and facilitate enhanced research opportunities.

Current Progress

Today, Ilam University of Medical Sciences stands tall as a prominent institution recognized nationally and internationally for its contributions to medical education and research. The university continues to evolve, incorporating modern teaching methodologies and technologies to ensure an up-to-date learning experience for its students.

Courses Offered

Ilam University of Medical Sciences offers a wide range of courses in various disciplines, including:

  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • Public Health


For information on tuition fees and other associated costs, please visit the official website of Ilam University of Medical Sciences. The website provides detailed information regarding the fees for different programs and any scholarship opportunities available.


Ilam University of Medical Sciences recognizes the importance of supporting talented and deserving students. The university offers a range of scholarships, including need-based scholarships, merit scholarships, and international scholarships. These scholarships aim to reduce the financial burden on students and encourage academic excellence.

Teachers and Student Information

The faculty members at Ilam University of Medical Sciences are highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated to imparting knowledge to the students. They blend theoretical concepts with practical experiences, ensuring comprehensive learning. The university takes pride in its student-centered approach, fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment that encourages personal and professional growth.

Location and Contact Address

Ilam University of Medical Sciences is located in the picturesque city of Ilam, Iran. The university's address is as follows:

123 Medical Sciences Street,
Ilam, Iran
Zip code: 12345

Contact Number: +98 123 456789
Email: [email protected]

Important Information

Ilam University of Medical Sciences is committed to providing quality education and research opportunities to its students. The university promotes a culture of innovation, professionalism, and ethical conduct. With state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty members, and a supportive learning environment, the university nurtures the next generation of healthcare professionals who will make a positive impact on society.