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George Brown College

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Motto, Vision, and Mission

George Brown College, established in 1967, has continuously strived to provide excellence in education and job-ready skills to its students. The college's motto, "Believe in George," embodies its commitment to inspire and empower students to believe in their potential and achieve success in their chosen fields.

The vision of George Brown College is to be a leading institution in Canada, recognized for its innovative programs, industry partnerships, and contribution to the economic development of the region.

The mission of the college is to deliver superior and accessible education, engage in research and innovation, and collaborate with industry leaders to meet the evolving needs of the workforce.

Chancellor and History

Heading the college's governance is the esteemed Chancellor of George Brown College, a position currently held by [Chancellor's Name]. The Chancellor plays a vital role in shaping the strategic direction of the institution and fostering strong relationships with stakeholders.

George Brown College has a rich history, originating from the merger of three colleges in 1967. Named after one of Canada's founding fathers, George Brown, the college memorializes his legacy by providing quality education and contributing to the development of skilled professionals.

Current Progress and Programs

George Brown College has experienced remarkable growth, consistently expanding its program offerings to meet the demands of various industries. The college currently offers an extensive array of programs across diverse disciplines, including:

  • Business Administration
  • Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Health Sciences
  • Hospitality and Culinary Arts
  • Design and Visual Arts
  • Engineering Technologies
  • Community Services
  • And many more…

These programs are designed to equip students with practical skills, hands-on experience, and industry knowledge, ensuring their readiness to succeed in their chosen professions.

Tuition and Scholarships

George Brown College prioritizes accessibility and ensures that quality education remains within reach for all students. Tuition costs may vary depending on the program, course load, and residency status. Detailed information about program-specific fees and payment options can be found on the official college website.

Recognizing the financial challenges students may face, George Brown College offers a range of scholarships, bursaries, and awards. These include merit-based scholarships, need-based grants, and awards for academic excellence, leadership, and community involvement. Students are encouraged to explore the available scholarships and application processes to alleviate the financial burden of their education.

Faculty and Student Information

George Brown College boasts a dedicated faculty comprising industry professionals, experienced educators, and experts in their respective fields. The college prides itself on its faculty's ability to deliver relevant, up-to-date knowledge, and foster an engaging learning environment.

With a diverse student body from various cultural backgrounds, George Brown College promotes inclusivity, cultural exchange, and personal growth. The college provides ample opportunities for students to engage in co-curricular activities, clubs, and organizations, fostering a supportive community and enhancing their overall college experience.

Location and Contact Information

George Brown College is located in the vibrant city of Toronto, Canada. Its numerous campuses are strategically situated to facilitate easy access for students from all parts of the city.

Contact information for general inquiries:

George Brown College
160 Kendal Ave
Toronto, ON, Canada
M5R 1M3
Phone: (416) 415-2000
Email: [email protected]

For campus-specific contact details, program inquiries, and other important information, please visit the official George Brown College website:

This article provides an overview of George Brown College, its motto, vision, mission, history, programs, scholarships, faculty, and student life. George Brown College continues to excel in its pursuit of providing world-class education and shaping futures.