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Ecole d’Architecture de Nancy

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Ecole d'Architecture de Nancy, also known as the School of Architecture of Nancy, is an esteemed university located in Nancy, France. It is a leading institution known for its high-quality architectural education, research, and commitment to shaping the future of architecture. If you are passionate about designing spaces, creating structures, and transforming the world around us, Ecole d'Architecture de Nancy is the perfect place to nurture your creative talent and develop a deep understanding of architectural principles and practices.

Motto, Vision, and Mission

The motto of Ecole d'Architecture de Nancy is "Conception, Innovation, Transformation" which reflects the institution's dedication to architectural excellence, innovative thinking, and creating transformative designs. The vision of the school is to be a globally recognized center for architectural education, research, and sustainable design solutions. Its mission is to educate and inspire a new generation of architects who will contribute to society through their creative and sustainable designs.

Chancellor and Administration

The chancellor of Ecole d'Architecture de Nancy is Prof. Marie-Pascale Corcuff. Under her leadership and guidance, the institution has achieved remarkable milestones in architectural education and research.

History and Progress

Ecole d'Architecture de Nancy has a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1919. It was initially founded as a private school by a group of passionate architects aiming to promote architectural education in the Nancy region. Over the years, the school expanded its programs, developed collaborations with renowned architects and institutions, and gained recognition for its academic excellence.

Today, Ecole d'Architecture de Nancy is a prominent institution known for its innovative teaching methods, emphasis on practical experience, and cutting-edge research projects. The school has a strong network of alumni who have made significant contributions to the field of architecture globally.

Academic Programs

Ecole d'Architecture de Nancy offers a comprehensive range of programs designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary for a successful architectural career. The courses offered include:

  • Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch)
  • Master of Architecture (M.Arch)
  • Ph.D. in Architecture
  • Specialized Certificate Programs

Costs and Scholarships

The cost of studying at Ecole d'Architecture de Nancy varies depending on the program and student status. It is recommended to refer to the official website for up-to-date information regarding tuition fees, scholarships, and financial aid opportunities. The institution offers various scholarships and grants to support deserving students in pursuing their architectural aspirations. These scholarships are awarded based on academic merit, financial need, and specific criteria set by the school.

Faculty and Staff

Ecole d'Architecture de Nancy boasts a highly qualified and experienced faculty who are dedicated to providing students with the best architectural education. The faculty members bring a wealth of knowledge, industry experience, and research expertise to the classroom, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education. The school also invites guest lecturers and industry professionals to share their insights and inspire students with their real-world experiences.

Student Life and Resources

At Ecole d'Architecture de Nancy, students can immerse themselves in a vibrant and creative community. The institution provides various facilities and resources to enhance the learning experience, including well-equipped design studios, a specialized architectural library, computer labs with advanced software, and workshops for hands-on construction projects. Additionally, the school organizes extracurricular activities, cultural events, and study trips to enrich students' understanding of architecture and foster a sense of community among peers.

Location and Contact Information

Ecole d'Architecture de Nancy is situated in the beautiful city of Nancy in northeastern France. The address of the institution is:

Ecole d'Architecture de Nancy
2 Rue Bastien-Lepage
54000 Nancy, France

For further information, you can visit the school's official website:

Join Ecole d'Architecture de Nancy and start your journey towards becoming a skilled architect who can shape a better tomorrow through innovative designs and sustainable practices.