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East Kazakstan State Technical University

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East Kazakstan State Technical University (EKSTU) is a prestigious educational institution located in Kazakstan
(KZ). With a rich history, it has emerged as a leading technical university in the region, offering a diverse range
of courses, comprehensive research opportunities, and a nurturing environment for students to excel in their chosen

Motto, Vision, and Mission

At EKSTU, we embrace the motto "Knowledge for Progress" which reflects our commitment to providing a quality
education that empowers students to drive positive change in society. Our vision is to be recognized globally for
academic excellence and innovation. The mission of EKSTU is to educate and inspire students to become competent,
ethical professionals who contribute to sustainable development and technological advancements.


The university's Chancellor is an esteemed academician and leader, responsible for overseeing the institution's
overall administration, development, and growth. Please visit the EKSTU website
for detailed information about the current Chancellor.

History and Current Progress

Established in [Year], EKSTU has a rich history of more than [Number of years] years. Over the years, it has
continuously evolved to keep pace with the changing educational landscape and meet the demands of modern
industries. Today, EKSTU proudly stands as a leading technical university in Kazakstan, fostering innovation,
research, and academic excellence. Our university has made significant contributions to various fields, including
engineering, computer science, economics, and more.

Courses Offered and Costs

At EKSTU, we offer a comprehensive range of courses across multiple disciplines. Students can choose from
undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various fields, including:

  • Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, etc.)
  • Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Business and Economics
  • Architecture and Design
  • And many more…

For detailed information about the courses we offer and their associated costs, please visit our website or contact our admissions office.


At EKSTU, we believe in recognizing and nurturing talent. We offer a range of scholarships to meritorious students
who demonstrate exceptional academic achievements. These scholarships aim to support students financially and
motivate them to reach their full potential. To learn more about the scholarships available and the application
process, please visit our website.

Teachers and Student Information

We take pride in our dedicated faculty members who are highly qualified and experienced in their respective
fields. They provide guidance, mentorship, and share their expertise with the students to facilitate their overall
development. The university is committed to creating a supportive and inclusive environment where students can
flourish academically and personally.

Location and Contact Address

East Kazakstan State Technical University is located in [City, Country]. Here is our contact address:

East Kazakstan State Technical University
[Street Address],
[City, Postal Code],

Important Information

For more information about our university, programs, admission process, and any other important details, please
visit the official EKSTU website. You can also contact our admissions office or
refer to the latest university prospectus for comprehensive information.