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Chittagong Independent University (CIU) is a prestigious and leading educational institution situated in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Since its establishment, CIU has been providing quality education, fostering research, and producing skilled professionals in various fields.


The motto of Chittagong Independent University is "Excellence in Education and Beyond". CIU firmly believes in imparting education that extends beyond the boundaries of classrooms, enabling students to excel in their chosen paths and make a meaningful impact on society.


CIU envisions becoming a center of excellence in higher education, cultivating a conducive environment to promote research, innovation, critical thinking, and holistic development of individuals.


The mission of Chittagong Independent University is to provide quality education through a student-centered approach, nurturing talents, enhancing skills, encouraging creativity, and fostering ethical values, thereby preparing graduates to face global challenges.


The esteemed position of the Chancellor of CIU is held by prominent individuals who have made notable contributions to the education sector and society as a whole. The current Chancellor is [Name of Chancellor]. Their leadership and guidance play a vital role in shaping the university's growth and development.


CIU was established in [year of establishment] with a firm commitment to revolutionize the education system in Chittagong and Bangladesh as a whole. Since its inception, CIU has remained dedicated to nurturing talent and empowering students with knowledge and skills to excel in their respective fields.

Current Progress

CIU has witnessed remarkable growth and progress in recent years. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, and a team of dedicated faculty members, the university has been able to provide a conducive learning environment for its students. CIU's commitment to academic excellence, research, and industry collaboration has resulted in a significant rise in its reputation both nationally and internationally.

Courses Offered and Costs

CIU offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various disciplines. Some of the popular courses include:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering (BCSE)
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm)
  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Computer Science and Engineering (MCSE)
  • Master of Public Health (MPH)

For detailed information regarding the courses offered, their duration, and associated costs, please visit the official website of Chittagong Independent University.

Scholarships Offered

CIU recognizes the importance of financial assistance in enabling deserving students to pursue their dreams of higher education. The university offers various scholarships and financial aid programs to support talented individuals. These scholarships are based on academic merit, financial need, or specific criteria set by benefactors. Students are encouraged to explore the scholarship opportunities available at CIU to alleviate their financial burden.

Teachers and Student Information

Chittagong Independent University takes great pride in its highly qualified and experienced faculty members. The dedicated team of professors, lecturers, and researchers are committed to shaping the future of students through their expertise and passion for teaching. CIU maintains a student-to-faculty ratio that ensures personalized attention, fostering meaningful student-teacher collaborations.


Chittagong Independent University is situated in a prime location in Chittagong, offering easy accessibility to students from both the city and neighboring areas. The campus provides a serene and academic-friendly atmosphere conducive to learning and personal growth.

Contact Information

Address: [University Campus Address], Chittagong, Bangladesh
Phone: [University Phone Number]
Email: [University Email Address]

Important Information

For any further information, admission queries, or assistance, please visit the official website of Chittagong Independent University or reach out to the university administration using the contact information provided above. CIU is committed to providing comprehensive information and support to prospective students and the academic community.