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Almustafa Open University is a renowned educational institution located in the Islamic Republic of Iran. With its commitment to providing accessible education to all, the university has gained a remarkable reputation within and beyond the country's borders. Established in 1993, Almustafa Open University has become a leading provider of diverse academic programs, offering numerous courses and scholarships to students.

Motto, Vision, and Mission

Almustafa Open University's motto is "Empowering Education," signifying its dedication to empowering individuals through knowledge. The university envisions becoming a global center for distance learning, fostering an inclusive and intellectual environment. Its mission is to facilitate lifelong learning, promote research, and produce graduates equipped with critical thinking skills to contribute positively to society.

Chancellor and History

The university's current chancellor is Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Ali Al-Hosseini Al-Sadr, who plays a crucial role in the development and growth of Almustafa Open University. Under his leadership, the institution has achieved significant milestones and has expanded its scope to cater to a broader range of students.

Almustafa Open University was founded in 1993, initially focused on providing Islamic studies courses to local and international students. Over the years, it has evolved into a comprehensive institution with diverse study areas, catering to different fields of interest.

Current Progress and Academic Offerings

Almustafa Open University has made remarkable progress since its inception. Today, it offers a wide range of courses across various disciplines, including Islamic Studies, Humanities, Social Sciences, Management, and Health studies. The university provides both undergraduate and postgraduate programs, ensuring students have ample opportunities to pursue their academic goals.

With a focus on distance learning, Almustafa Open University has developed advanced online platforms to facilitate seamless education delivery and interaction among students and faculty members. The university's commitment to innovative teaching techniques ensures that students receive the highest quality education regardless of their physical location.

Costs and Scholarships

Almustafa Open University understands the financial constraints that students may face. Hence, it endeavors to provide affordable education to all. The cost of courses varies depending on the program and level of study. Prospective students are encouraged to consult the university's official website for detailed information on tuition fees for specific courses.

To further support students from diverse backgrounds, Almustafa Open University offers several scholarships. These scholarships aim to recognize outstanding academic achievements and provide financial assistance to deserving students. The university's website provides a comprehensive list of scholarships along with eligibility criteria and application procedures.

Faculty and Student Information

Almustafa Open University takes pride in its distinguished faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. With a diverse team of educators, the university ensures students receive a well-rounded education, enriched with practical knowledge and experiences.

The university also boasts a vibrant and diverse student community. With students from different cultural backgrounds and countries, Almustafa Open University promotes cross-cultural understanding and collaboration among its learners.

Location and Contact Information

Almustafa Open University is located in Iran, with its headquarters situated in Qom. The university has multiple campuses and online learning platforms to accommodate students from various regions. To reach the physical campus, refer to the following address:

Almustafa Open University
Qom, Iran

For any inquiries or further information, please contact the university through the following:

Almustafa Open University values transparency and encourages individuals to get in touch for any academic or administrative concerns.


Almustafa Open University, with its motto of "Empowering Education," continues to be a prominent institution in Iran, fulfilling its mission of providing accessible education to all. With a diverse range of courses, scholarships, and dedicated faculty, the university offers students an opportunity to pursue their academic aspirations.