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Akrofi-Christaller Institute of Theeology, Mission and Culture

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The Akrofi-Christaller Institute of Theology, Mission, and Culture (ACI) is a prestigious university located in Ghana. It is dedicated to providing high-quality education in theology, mission, and culture. With its rich history, diverse courses, and committed faculty, ACI is a leading institution in the field.


The motto of the Akrofi-Christaller Institute is "Equipping Servant-Leaders for Transformational Ministry."


The vision of ACI is to be a center of excellence for training leaders who will impact society positively through theology, mission, and cultural engagement.


The mission of ACI is to provide holistic education that integrates theology with cultural awareness, promoting sustainable development and equipping individuals to serve their communities effectively.


The current Chancellor of Akrofi-Christaller Institute is Rev. Prof. J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the institution, contributing to its growth and success.


ACI has a rich history dating back to its establishment in [Year]. It was founded with the aim of promoting African theology and empowering African Christian leaders. Over the years, the institute has grown significantly and has become a prominent institution in theological education in Ghana and beyond.

Current Progress

ACI continues to thrive in providing quality education and making a positive impact in society. The institution is constantly improving its curriculum, facilities, and resources to enhance the learning experience for its students. Through research, community engagement, and partnerships, ACI remains at the forefront of theological education.

Courses Offered and Costs

ACI offers a wide range of courses in theology, mission, and culture. Some of the courses include:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Theology
  • Master of Divinity
  • Master of Theology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Theology

Please visit the official ACI website for more detailed information about the courses offered and their associated costs.


ACI is committed to providing opportunities for students to pursue their education through scholarships. The institute offers various scholarships to support deserving students. These scholarships are based on merit, financial need, and specific criteria set by the institute. Prospective students are encouraged to reach out to ACI for more information on available scholarships.

Teachers and Student Information

At ACI, students have the privilege of learning from highly qualified and experienced faculty members who are dedicated to their students' success. These teachers bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the classrooms, ensuring that students receive a comprehensive and transformative education.

Student life at ACI is vibrant and diverse. The institute promotes a sense of community and encourages student involvement in various extracurricular activities, clubs, and organizations. This fosters holistic development and enhances the overall student experience.

Location and Contact Information

The Akrofi-Christaller Institute of Theology, Mission, and Culture is located in Ghana. You can find the institute at the following address:

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Email: [Insert Email Address]

Other Important Information

For more detailed information about admissions, application process, entry requirements, and any other important details, please visit the official ACI website or contact the institute directly.